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1.8.x Resolvers not working when multiple backend servers share the same hostname \ IP?

Hi @Baptiste,
I’m using server-template, this is my configuration

    default-server init-addr none resolvers consul resolve-prefer ipv4
    server-template server 4 _test._tcp.service.consul check resolve-accept-dup-ip

This could not worked. I think, you patched only server. Right?

Hi Mustafa,

Nope, I supposely patch everything, but I might have messed up.

Please note this is not the definitive patch and the option name will change.

I keep you updated asap with a new set of patches.


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I double checked it and it works well, as expected with server, default-server and server-template.

Note that I’m going to push those patches on the ML this afternoon (europe time)

Hi @Baptiste,

I tried. It is working now.

Can you add this patch to Haproxy-1.8 ?

Thank you.


What version number will this be in?


1.8.12 seems ok.

I tried on 1.8.12 version


I meant which release of HAProxy will have this feature released?



Well, this is a new “feature” and we’re not supposed to backport them.

That said, this one is supposed to fix a regression… I’ll discuss this point with Willy and see what we could do.


Ah I see. I misunderstood then thinking it would appear in the next 1.8.x release.

It would be good to see it in 1.8 though as without this 1.8 would never be a viable version for our product.


Ok I will ask for a backport in 1.8.

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Any further updates on this?


It has been backported to v1.8 and will be in the v1.8.14 release, which will be published later this week.

Awesome! Many thanks for everything.

I attempted to use the flag resolve-accept-dup-ip however HAProxy 1.8.14 did not recognize it. The documentation is only up to 1.8.13, did the flag get changed for release @lukastribus ?

Yeah, the website with the docs is not updated yet, you can checkout doc/configuration.txt.

Looks like the option is not resolve-accept-dup-ip but resolve-opts allow-dup-ip instead:

server s1 myapp.example.com:80 check resolve-opts allow-dup-ip


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That’s worked a treat. I can finally upgrade all my environments to 1.8! Many thanks all!

Thanks! That helped a lot!!!

Online docs have been updated btw:
resolve-opts option

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