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Give priority to certain IP addresses and skip queue


Question about the possibility to skip the queue and giving priority to certain IP addresses in the HAProxy configuration.

Is it possible to skip the queue and always pass traffic from some defined IP addresses to the backend server(s) and if yes how to define this rule into the configuration file?



I suggest you use a dedicated backend for this.


Tnx. Is it possible to give priority in queue to certain IP addresses or based on another criterium?


Like I said it is not possible to prioritize certain IP addresses within a specific queue, but can you assign a dedicated queue by using a dedicated backend/frontend (depending which queue saturates) to it.

And you can switch to that backend for example by using a specific ACL matching certain IP addresses.


Ok tnx, clear. By making a dedicated backend/frontend you can “fool” haproxy if traffic has to go to the same server but you do not want a saturated queue.


I wouldn’t call it “fool”.

You don’t want to throw all the traffic in one bunch of resource and you fix that problem by using dedicated resources for your premium traffic. Nothing wrong with that.


You’re absolutely right