How do i do this in ha proxy

Hello Team

I have (bsvmvizpds1, bsvmvizpds2) 2 hosts. I want to access them via ha proxy. The company providing the software (Vizrt ghub Rest) suggested squid. sample config shared . how do i write this config for ha proxy. I don’t have much experience with this :frowning: Can you help me ?

squid config needed

acl all src all
acl manager proto cache_object

http_port 19398 accel defaultsite=squid.sample.local vhost

all cache Viz GH REST

cache_peer parent 19398 0 no-query originserver round-robin login=PASS name=bsvmvizpds1
cache_peer parent 19398 0 no-query originserver round-robin login=PASS name=bsvmvizpds2

entry vhost declaration

acl registered_name_hostdomain dstdomain squid.sample.local
acl registered_name_host dstdomain squid
acl registered_name_ip dstdomain

entry vhost registration and redirection allowance

http_access allow registered_name_hostdomain
http_access allow registered_name_host
http_access allow registered_name_ip
http_access deny all
cache_peer_access bsvmvizpds1 allow registered_name_hostdomain
cache_peer_access bsvmvizpds1 allow registered_name_host
cache_peer_access bsvmvizpds1 allow registered_name_ip
cache_peer_access bsvmvizpds2 allow registered_name_hostdomain
cache_peer_access bsvmvizpds2 allow registered_name_host
cache_peer_access bsvmvizpds2 allow registered_name_ip
cache_peer_access bsvmvizpds1 deny all
cache_peer_access bsvmvizpds2 deny all
#cache_peer_access squidnic deny all
never_direct allow all

general settings

forwarded_for on
connect_timeout 10.0
peer_connect_timeout 5.0
cache_mem 256 MB
cache_dir ufs d:/squid_cache 1000 16 256
#cache_dir ufs c:/squid/var/cache 1000 16 256
maximum_object_size 512 MB
quick_abort_max 1 MB
refresh_pattern ^http: 1440 80% 10080 reload-into-ims
ignore_expect_100 on