Num request not matching

I am sending 2000 req to the frontend

14:50 $ ss | grep ldap| wc -l

I see them in the haproxy :

 [root@haproxy03 ~]# ss | grep ldaps| wc -l

but the GUI shows me half:

The backens are more or less

[root@ldap1test cn=config]# ss | grep ldap| wc -l

[root@ldap2test cn=config]# ss | grep ldap| wc -l

Those are the numbers more or less.

I assume you will see both frontend and backend connection in your ss command at the frontend with that grep command, so I don’t see what you believe it’s wron here?

If I do ss in every backend I see nearly 1000 connections on each of them, but from the GUI I still see 647 sessions on ldap1 and 466 sessions on ldap2. So I still don’t get why I am not seeing in the GUI nearly 2000 sessions on the frontend and 1000 on each backend.

They are probably in closing status. Actually looking at the ss output instead of just counting the lines will help here.

I see what is happening here, when I set 2 processes, the GUI will only show me the stats for 1 process, that’s why I see half of the petitions.

That’s correct, in multiprocess mode you need to bind a specific stats socket to a process, query them all and aggregate them.