PFSense HAProxy possible to use "dynamic (domain) name" in rspadd header?


I’m fine tuning my PFSense HAProxy settings for additional security through removing and adding headers.

PFSense version = V2.6.0
HAProxy version = 1.8.30-c248dab

One of such headers is the X-Powered-By header

I wonder if its possible to dynamically add the the domain name or URL the end-user is connecting with, I work with multiple domains so it should reflect.

Example 1: rspadd X-Powered-By:\
Example 2: rspadd X-Powered-By:\ dynamicDomainName

Lastly I have one header that I can’t seem to get working

rspadd X-Content-Security-Policy:\ default-src: 'self';\ img-src:*;\ media-src:*;\ data:*;

Its failing on the ‘self’ part, tried ‘self’ and other combinations.

Thanks in advance!

PS: Tried %[req.hdr(Host) but to no advance…

Nobody? :slight_smile: