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Possible minor bug - configuration validation


hi folks,

can anyone point me at how to log a possible bug - it’s not clear to me how to do this?

For info and comment, the issue appears to be with a change made back in

2014/04/23 : 1.5-dev23
MEDIUM: config: relax use_backend check to make the condition optional

I haven’t checked the source code (wouldn’t know how to read it!) but from behaviour it appears that the above change is actually also hiding errors in conditions on use_backend. for example, we had an issue where someone making a change to config made a typo of the form:

use_backend x of acl_y

i.e. “of” in place of “if”. In pre 1.5 version this config is rejected at start up (‘use_backend’ requires either ‘if’ or ‘unless’ followed by a condition) but in 1.7.1 system starts, reports no error and routes all traffic to backend x. Seems that the check is a bit too relaxed! I would have thought if anything present where a condition would be, then it should be validated - i.e. only a blank rest of line should be construed as no condition

  • Adrian


Ok, please report bugs to the mailing list, you don’t have to subscribe, just send the report to:

You probably want to use 1.7.2 as there is a nasty regression in pre-1.7.2 release (but unrelated to the issue you reported):



Thanks - will send in that report now, and will consider upgrade!