Reset existing client connection


Our load balancers distributes pac files to clients. As the pac files are used in browser and if the server goes down then the client will still use the same server even though its marked as down by load balancer because the client is using the pac file from temp or some cache.

Is there a way that Load balancer will reset all connections for down server so that the client will contact the load balancer and then the load balancer will provide pac file from active servers?


If the client is not connected to the load balancer, but to the backend directly due to a PAC redirection, how exactly is the load balancer supposed to kill that session if it doesn’t even pass through it?

Bear my stupid thought.

I know but just thinking as load balancer first gets the request from client and then assign backend server to client. if by some way it maintain some session history of the backend server that is down?


Something else can done in such scanrio or if I can change my setup?. Any suggestion?

My suggestion is to not redirect the user via PAC, but to let the load-balancer handle all the traffic.

It does handles the traffic until it distirbute the pac file.

user ----> load balancer —> proxy 1 (running pac file)

Load balancer returns proxy 1 (running pac file) to user.

When user get this pac file it never communicate with load balancer again as the pac file contains the proxy 1 IP and it continues to do that until the user restarts the computer or ask for dhcp to get the load balancer settings again.

Exactly, don’t use PAC files at all and let the load balancer load balance.

Actually I need to pac file for some local exclusions. Thinking how to setup this.

Let the PAC point to the load balancer, not the backend then.

Ok thanks I will try this.