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Reverse Proxy url to port


Hi, i installed Gravitee recently and this API manager use 3 part to work: portal, management-api and a gateway
Each part use a specific port and i need help to make my haproxy acl for each one.

My origin url is http://gravitee.mydomain.com to go on the portal part
Management-APi add /management to the end of my url and need 8083 port
Gateway add /api to the end of my url and need 8082 port

So i start to create some acls but nothing work good
For information my haproxy.conf contain lot’s of acl for all the compagny websites.

Thanks for your help


Hi @gpascal

I would advice you to contact the Gravitee.io community using their gitter at https://gitter.im/gravitee-io/gravitee-io