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Seamless reloads: don't work with nbthread


Each reload creates “Connection reset by peer” errors (same as just restart)

Tested with 1.8.3, 1.8.4 and with last commit (703408)


nbthread is still highly experimental. Currently @capflam is working on fixing known nbthread bugs; I suggest we revisit this issue once those bugs are fixed.


By doing quick tests, I’m unable to reproduce the bug. Could you share your configuration please ? Then it could also help to have more info on your use case (reload frequency, load on HAProxy…). Also, provide “haproxy -vv” output.



I was wrong

I had “connection reset” error for each reload attempt and made conclusions too fast

Reloads and threads together - are just made one global “thin” problem more noticeable
I’m making a lot of tests for last days and hope to provide final information soon