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Server-Template and Hot Reload?



I am using a master-worker haproxy configuration, including the “global” state file. and 1.8.12 release

When doing hot reload… incluing the socat to generate the global state file…

default-server init-addr last,libc,none resolvers dns resolve-prefer ipv4 check inter 10s fall 3 rise 2
server-template server 5 _test._tcp.service.consul:4242 check resolvers dns inter 1000

In the haproxy dashboard it seems to regeneratee the servers without initial IP Address? and HA Proxy is returning 500 error when i stress test the haproxy.

ab -k -v2 -c 1 -n 100000 ‘http://testhaproxy/assets/js/manifest.js

Any suggestion ?


Oh this is actually related to the same issue as [Config reload with dynamic service discovery via DNS](Config reload with dynamic service discovery via DNS)

I’ve tried the patch, looks like something else seems missing though.