SMB routing help


I have multiple SMB desitination servers with different path. I have to setup HAProxy configuration , so that source (windows machine) can talk to multiple desitination ( with SMB) protocol.

For example

destination servers \server1\folder1 , \server2\folder2

How do i configure such that windows machine can connect to above destination using HAProxy. I tried to configure ACL with path_beg expe but thats not working. Also tried with multiple port frontend listener. But windows can only connect to port 445 ( default SMP port) and none of the other ports are recognized

for example \haproxyserver:\folder … this does not work

Need Help

Haproxy does not support SMB.

I could route with standard port (445) to haproxy

Any help…

Haproxy cannot do this, it doesnt support SMB, I already told you that.