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XMLRPC/scgi usage?


I have a unix socket created at /app.sock and it expects XMLRPC commands and haproxy has READ/WRITE access to the socket.

Normally, with something like lighttpd you can make a config point to an scgi server @ a socket file.
Or with NGINX you can do something like scgi_pass unix:/app.sock

I was testing something like this, but with no luck:

frontend in
    bind *:5000

    default_backend  rpc

backend rpc
    use-fcgi-app cgi
    server sock-file /app.sock proto fcgi

fcgi-app cgi # confused by this, why does it need docroots, etc? i just want to pass commands to xmlrpc
    log-stderr global
    option     keep-conn
    docroot    /var/www/my-app

Is there any way to do this with HAProxy?