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About SRV Records


I’m using HAProxy 1.8.4 and the SRV support it provide.
The stats page look like attached after following is set for backend xyz
server-template srv 1-20 _api._tcp.x.y.com resolvers dns cookie XYZ_SRVNAME check ssl verify none

Few question I have:

  1. Why is the server showing up in maintenance mode days after its record being removed from SRV record?
  2. Is possible to make the server name match the subdomain of the record in SRV record instead of showing up as srv1, srv2 etc? If not, is there plan for future version to support that?
  3. I saw in previous post (Using SRV Record - number of records in DNS not limiting server-template count) that it is expected that the rest of slots are showing up red and down due to SOCKET error, is there plan in future version to make it dynamic or more gracefully handling the empty slots?