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Account temporarily on hold


it’s been 20 days since I blocked it without knowing what I did, since it was my first post !!!
I have not received an answer for 20 days, I can not even see my post, at least I would have turned it on other forums.
I’m sorry but my approach to HAproxy was not nice and if so, I will not go on trying it and I’m sorry, I found it very interesting.

Best Regards


Not sure what happened here, @sam can you clarify?


I registered, wrote my first post and I was blocked the user.
I saw that yesterday I was unlocked the account, from January I was stuck!
Among other things, I don’t see the first post I had done.

Best Regards


Oh I am super sorry @Stefanoel. @willy any chance some can pop on to the site weekly to deal with flags, queued posts?


@sam what privileges are required to do this? moderator? @willy can you assign me those privileges?


You would need to be moderator to handle the approval queue, @willy can definitely grant that to you if he wishes.


@Stefanoel This is just to confirm that Willy bumped my privileges, I will now regularly review blocked posts or users. I also raised your trust level so that you should not have any issue in the future.

That said, I don’t see your first post anywhere.