Backend initial state - DOWN

Can I configure HAPROXY so that backends has initial state DOWN after startup? I need the haproxy doesn’t forward connections to backends till they explicitly become UP. In current situation I see connections at backend side when health check is INIT status.

listen FARM1
description FARM1
bind :15500
mode tcp
option tcp-check
rate-limit sessions 30
balance leastconn
default-server check resolve-opts allow-dup-ip inter 30s fall 1 rise 1 maxconn 1000 resolvers mydns send-proxy
server SRV1 BACKEND1.example.loc:4501
server SRV2 BACKEND-1.example.loc:4502
server SRV3 BACKEND-1.example.loc:4503
server SRV4 BACKEND-1…example.loc:4504
server BK1 bk.example.loc:4500 backup no-check

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I have the same problem. Does anyone know how to make DOWN be the initial state of backend server that is just discovered by DNS until first health check succeeds?