Can HAProxy version 2.4 work well for Exchange 2019 in 2024?

I have one public IP with several wordpress websites and an Exchange 2019 behind. I have everything working but Outlook access to email. Im getting 401 errors for the /mapi/ traffic.
I cant seem to find a definitive guide or resource that is current. This is not a new problem but alot of the information seems old and regarding different versions of HAProxy.
Does anyone have words of wisdom of why thing might be happening. or a working config?

The problem was Windows Extended Protection not working. To get it to work you need to setup the proxy as a ssl bridge and use the same ssl cert on the proxy and the exchange server. This makes setting up auto renew of lets encrypt certificates very difficult.
I switched off Extended protection until I figure out how to solve the above issues.

Exchange Server support for Windows Extended Protection | Microsoft Learn