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Can some one clarify `map_beg` bit more


I am using map with path & app name like this sample

 /abcd/efgh/ App1
 /abcd/1234/ App2
 /abcd/ App3

my expectation using map_beg for map look up for path was that it will be fall back for all other paths with path that starts with /abcd/ but it’s not behaving the same way like path_beg does so efficiently. Is there any other way or am i using it incorrectly. Please add some suggestions i am new to using the maps.

Let me know if you need more information.


It’s unclear to me what you are saying, and what you mean by fallback.

Do you want a requests that is not in the map, like /xyz/ to point to App3? That’s not happening as there is no match; use the default_value parameter in the map statement instead.

Or are you saying that you want /abcd/asdasda to point to App3 and it’s not working?

Please make an actual example of what a request looks like and what you would like to happening with it, share the output of haproxy -vv as well as your map configuration in haproxy.