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Can't reach apps in openshift using haproxy

I’m using OKD Openshit v 3.11 and have an issue.
I build simple cluster with
1x master
1xinfra node
2xapp nodes,

I deploy sample app php add route cake.openshit.kbs.eu .
Everything work fine but i need to reach this app using haproxy with different address for example cake.company.kbs.eu. I configure haproxy front end backend and getting error 503 or the app is unavailable.
I also trying to expose my app add external IP but without success.
Can anyone help me with that.
Also in future i will try to expose app with path. I mean
I create some apps avalable with adress mysupportapps.openshit.kbs.eu and path to them
/calc and /play and also reach them thru haproxy.