Chained HA Proxy with delayed ACK Issue


I have a haproxy setup as follow:

Client --> Haproxy (LOCATION A)------> HAProxy(LOCATION B)----> Server.

I am uploading a file to the server, once the upload is completed, Server responds immediately with ACK which I can see it in pcap. But the ACK between Location B and LOCATION A is taking more than 10 secs which delays the response to a real client.

Is there any settings which need to be tweaked in HA Proxy or is there any kernal parameters need to be changed.

Haproxy is forwarding TCP payload, not routing IP packets. Those TCP sessions terminate in the local kernel, you must look at the TCP sessions individually.

I suggest you go back to the drawing board and analyze whatever issue you have with that in mind; more likely than not this is not a TCP issue.