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Client get connection timeout with HAProxy 1.5

I use HAProxy as LB for 3 backend web (Apache, same code).
Sometime client on browser get ERROR connection timeout when connect to HAProxy.
I have written a custom script CURL from laptop to my web and run it (1 request per second, during 8 hours)
If my script CURL execute request GET to HAProxy node as LB, sometime my script logged error Timeout request (1-2 ERROR per 20-30 minute). When ERROR Timeout request happend, i see log haproxy process request and return status 200 to client, respone time ~ 0.5s, but client dont get haproxy response.

If my script CURL execute directly request GET to Apache Web Server, it work Like a charm.

This my haproxy config: https://paste.cloud365.vn/?77901e48f1c63e75#SeXKZfbDYUpQxM/B38wZQqkULfHXXW+pKHMz4mSuFNs=

I have try mode lb TCP and HTTP but ERROR (Connection timeout) still happend.

I have try Nginx as alternative lb but it still happend. :frowning:

Share the output of haproxy -vv,the actual haproxy log showing this request as well as the curl request output with -vv verbose output.