Configuring haproxy to access a protected url

I need some help.
I don’t know if Haproxy allows me to do what I want, but I’ll give you some context.

I have 30 game rooms that need to access a URL protected by ip whitelisting. For technical and cost reasons, I can’t use a VPN or have a fixed ip for these rooms.

I came up with the idea of having a proxy server in our central building that is whitelisted, so that our rooms can use this proxy to access the protected URL.

Is this possible?

HAProxy is no proxy server like Squid.
You use haproxy to load balance backendservers or to use it as a “forward” in a DMZ/Firewall setup.
the question is, where you will edit and maintain your whitelists. sure, you could use a proxy (like squid) and access your game rooms and whitlist the ip of the proxy server. BUT you have to be sure, that only “valid/allowed” clients can connect to this proxy server.
i wonder where haproxy is in this setup? As said, haproxy is now proxy server. but sure you can add the ip address of a proxy server as whitelist in haproxy and let haproxy then forward the request to the backend. in this case

client → proxy-server → haproxy → backend/game rooms


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Thanks for your answer but finally I’ve just set up a squid server and it work in 10 minutes ^^

Indeed, use the right tool for the job, which haproxy is not.

Easy to say when we answer after the war ;-).