Configuring HAProxy with servers that have unique SAN certs

I’m trying to configure HAProxy for the first time (pfSense package), but I can’t figure out how to configure it for my servers that already have their own SAN certificate.

Each of my servers are setup with unique SAN certs for their subdomain, such as,, etc., and the renewal is automated so there’s no extra work at this point. How do I configure HAProxy to not apply its own encryption and acknowledge the certs that the servers already have? Everything that I’ve tried so far results in SSL errors or not being able to reach the server.

Maybe this helps you a bit.

Other solution is to use ssl offloading, using haproxy to handle the san certificates and renewal, and passing the traffic to the webservers. Here you can use ssl too, to encrypt the traffic between haproxy and the webservers. Therefore, you can use letsencrypt to create ssl certificates on the webservers.