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Consistent hash and server-template via dns resolver


Hello community,

We’re using HAProxy in Kubernetes as a consistent hashing load balancer in front of a deployment of five total pods (real HAProxy, not the ingress controller version of it). Here’s our config:

	maxconn 10000
	stats socket /usr/local/etc/haproxy/admin.sock mode 600 level admin
	log /dev/log local0
	mode http
	timeout connect 5000ms
	timeout client 30000ms
	timeout server 30000ms

resolvers kubernetes
	nameserver skydns kube-dns.kube-system:53
	resolve_retries 10
	timeout retry 2s
	hold valid 5s

frontend http-in
	bind *:80
	log /dev/log local0
	option httplog
	default_backend servers

backend servers
	balance uri depth 3
	hash-type consistent
	option httpchk GET /health
	http-check expect status 200
	option tcp-check
	server-template pod 5 pod.namespace.svc.cluster.local:8080 check resolvers kubernetes inter 500

As you can see we’re leveraging the server-templates and k8s dns resolvers to create the backend servers dynamically.

Now since we’re using consistent hashing we assume that we can just scale the haproxy frontend to multiple pods and have the same load balancing across the backend servers. However, when we try that out, we observe that the routing is consistent on one haproxy, but not on the others. So it seems that the order of the backend servers is different on each of the instances of haproxy.

My main question here is: is there a way to guarantee ordering of the server-template via the dns resolver in this case? A simple sort on the resulting IPs would probably good enough for us, since we don’t control the DNS server and the replies.