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Current Session in HAProxy stats


I have enabled stats for gui, checking session for front-end, the count of “curr session” is always high. Meaning when I just use a single website URL(http://haproxywebserver: haproxy listen port/shprd/signon.html)from IE browser , instead of displaying 1, it display 5

Any reason? I am using mode http.
Due to that, I am unable to get the correct count of HTTP connections from different user machine and browser.

Am I missing any configuration?

Haproxy 1.6.12
RHEL 7.2
Weblogic 12c back-end


Haproxy 1.6.12 on RHEL 7.2 for back-end weblogic 12c

TCPdump it, check what actually happens.
Or, make a single call with curl, where you know how the client behaves.

A browser may open multiple concurrent sessions.


Thanks much for your response, I will check on this and revert.
I also have another query on the same topic, when sign out occurs (cookie will become invalid when sign out occurs) from application, log out URL will be something /?cmd=logout .

Even when session/connection is logged out, the current session, still shows as 1, when I close the browser completely, then curr session becomes 0.

Is there any timeout parameter for the URL having log out string, so that I can force haproxy to release the http connection having logout in the URL without need to close the browser.



Its simply keep-alive mechanics.

Configure timeout http-keep-alive to adjust this:


Thanks Much for your assistance.

Is HAProxy 1.7 stable version to work with RHEL 7.2(3.2)? The readme from 1.7 says it’s a development version.

Currently, I am using 1.6.12, do you think any major enhancement and bug fixes in 1.7. Please advise me.


The directive is in 1.6 as well:

1.7 is not a development version, its perfectly stable.