Dataplane Consul discovery with narrow range of services


I’ve been trying to setup the DataPlane API Consul service discovery with only a narrow range of all the services that the Consul have.

On the documentation [1] i saw that is it possible to add a new service with the option “service_allowlist” and, i suppose, it only imports the services that match the list, but it doesn’t.

The request used is the following:

curl  -u admin:mypassword \
       -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
       -d '{
             "address": "myserver",
             "port": 8500,
             "enabled": true,
             "service_allowlist": ["testweb"],
             "retry_timeout": 10,
             "token": "000"
           }' http://IP:5555/v2/service_discovery/consul

But the result is a big file with ~200 backend lines with the name “consul-backend-myserver-8500-[service_name]”, including “testweb” and the others.

What it is the right way to populate the conf file with only the defined services from Consul?


[1] - HAProxy Enterprise Data Plane API