Dns cache working in haproxy 22.2.20-6e457a2?

I was getting some quota exceeded from the dns server, and noticed that this was probably the haproxy. It looks like that the server from the backend is queried around 4 times per second. I would expect only to see this once every 20 seconds.

I grab traffic like this

tcpdump -A -qq -nn -i eth1 port 53 and net x.x.x.x | grep servername

I have a backend configured with

default-server check resolvers dnssvrs1

and a resolvers configured as

79 resolvers dnssvrs1
80 parse-resolv-conf
81 #nameserver dns1
82 #nameserver dns2
83 #nameserver dns3
84 #nameserver dns4
85 timeout resolve 1s
86 timeout retry 1s
87 hold valid 20s

Even adding to the server config inter 30s does not change anything

these two suggestions also do not have any effect.

timeout resolve 10s

or changing

init-addr last,libc,none

init-addr last,none

Also what is annoying that there are AAAA lookups while ipv6 is disabled on the host. So at least half the requests are useless any way.

resolve-prefer ipv4

does not change anything



Hmmmm, checking again, and totally different request pattern. Maybe these caches are not being used during x minutes after reload?