Doc: incorrectly displayed opening single quotes

not sure if this belongs to this section (Site Feedback), but I haven’t found any that would be more suitable

At HAProxy version 2.6.2-30 - Configuration Manual pretty much all opening (or rather 1st on the line) single quote characters in any examples are shown as ' instead of '


2.4. Conditional blocks

.diag "WTA/2021-05-07: replace 'redirect' with 'return' after switch to 2.4"

7.3.1. Converters

http-request set-header x-path "%[hdr(x-path),regsub(&#x27;/+','/','g')]"
http-request set-header x-query "%[query,regsub([?;&]*,&#x27;')]"
http-request redirect location %[url,&#x27;regsub("(foo|bar)([0-9]+)?","\2\1",i)']

etc (just search for the &#x27; string)

Compare that with the text version of the doc where no such issue can be seen.

This also affects older doc versions.

Can this be fixed so it wouldn’t be confusing?

Could you file an issue with the doc converter project on Github please?