Does HAProxy support 'raw' QUIC and/or WebTransport?

I understand QUIC support for HTTP/3 has been added in the last few releases 2.6 → 2.8. However, I am curious about a couple of different QUIC related use cases.

  1. Can HAProxy be used to load balance ‘raw’ QUIC connections (eg. not involving or relating to HTTP)
  2. Can HAProxy be used to load balance the relatively new WebTransport protocol, which ‘upgrades’ from a standard HTTP/3 connection to a persistent two-way connection, similar to WebSocket in HTTP/1.1?

Thanks in advance for any insight.

Welcome! I’m by far no expert, but from what I understand:

  1. Raw QUIC doesn’t appear to have support. If it’s there, I’ve overlooked how to configure it. I see binds for UDP and QUIC, but the only two modes I see are TCP and HTTP.
  2. It appears someone just asked for WebTransport support here.

Thanks for the feedback. Good info.

Would binding with quic but using tcp mode work?