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Filtering rules on subsites - NSX LB



I am trying to accomplice the following in an NSX Load balancer (The NSX documentation refers to HAproxy so I’m asking here :slight_smile: :

I have a website - www.website.com/cloud in the /cloud there is an admin interface which I want to restrict access to with a whitelist.

Sites AFTER /Cloud/ shouln’t be blocked - so all other sites on “website.com/cloud/*” should be accessible to all

If I use this rule below, it works - but blocks everything that contains cloud:

acl is_cloud path_beg -i /cloud/

acl whitelist src [IP ADRESSES]

block if is_cloud !whitelist

Is i possible to block access only /cloud/" and not all other sites?



Use path instead of path_beg, also see: path.


Well that was obvious - Dont know why I didn’t think of that :slight_smile:

Thank you


No problem. Is this NSX LB doc public? Can you point me to it?