Forward TCP proxy

My product runs on my K8S clients environment, and they requested that all my outbound traffic will be proxied through a single point.
I want to use TCP mode, so that TLS will be handled by my end services.
I’ve used for testing the following configuration:

    # Basic configuration
        log stdout  format raw  local0  debug
        maxconn 4096
        stats socket /tmp/haproxy

    # Some sane defaults
        log     stdout  format raw  local0  debug
        mode    tcp
        timeout client 5s
        timeout server 5s
        timeout connect 5s

    frontend confluent-rest-forwarder
        bind *:443
        option tcplog
        default_backend confluent-rest

    backend confluent-rest
        balance roundrobin
        server confluent

When I try to perform a simple curl request through the proxy with the following command:
curl -X GET -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Authorization: Basic *****" https://**********/topics -x haproxy-service:443

I got: curl: (56) Proxy CONNECT aborted

What am I doing wrong?