Frontend multiple bind with redirect

Is it possible to have multiple bind and redirect to another bind base on url_beg? I would like a users to go and base on the button they click on, it will redirect them to different bind :8443 that have client certificate “verify required” enable. This way they get prompt for client certificate verification. Thanks in advance.

frontend test_in
bind *:2443 ssl crt ca-file example.pem
redirect prefix
bind *:8443 ssl crt ca-file example.pem verify requried

Well, you know you could do this with a single bind, make verify optional and use HAProxy fetches to enforce client cert for some URLs. This blog article is 10 years old, but the content may still apply:

Thanks Baptiste for the link. When having “verify option” it will bring up window certificates window. I don’t want the certificate window to pop up on the splash page. Only when they click on “login” button.