Get a list of connected clients in TCP mode

Hello everyone

I’m using HAProxy in TCP mode and would like to have some command line to query HAProxy process to get a list of current connected clients.

My clients have sessions for hours and i’d like to monitor that. I’ve been reading forums and documentation but i can’t find anything like this.

Any hint?

The management guide explain this, it’s show sess on the admin socket:

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Thanks lukastribus, but the output i get with show sess is this:
0x7fba28027f40: proto=unix_stream src=unix:1 fe=GLOBAL be= srv= ts=00 epoch=0x7 age=0s calls=1 rate=1 cpu=0 lat=0 rq[f=c08002h,i=0,an=00h,rx=2m,wx=,ax=] rp[f=80008000h,i=0,an=00h,rx=,wx=,ax=] s0=[8,200008h,fd=13,ex=] s1=[8,204018h,fd=-1,ex=] exp=2m

I’m ignorant on what to do next, since I’m looking for something like this:
Remote IP Backend server Session time Session bytes
x.x.x.x 50m 4343243 kb


As the output indicates, this is not an IP socket, but a unix socket. Unix sockets don’t have remote IP addresses.

As the documentation says:

The output format is intentionally not documented so that it can
freely evolve depending on demands. You may find a description of all fields
returned in src/dumpstats.c