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Good timeout config for "modern" servers?

Hi :smile:

I’m wondering if configuring all the timeout settings is needed… I plan run a few services that handle data streaming / data upload (so i guess i might need keep alives?)

Currently, this is my config:

# connection timeouts
    timeout check           15s # additional check timeout
    timeout client          30s # clientside maximum inactivity time
    timeout client-fin      15s # inactivity time for half-closed connections
    timeout connect         30s # time for a connection attempt to a server to succeed
    timeout http-keep-alive 15s # maximum allowed time to wait for a new HTTP request to appear
    timeout http-request    15s # maximum allowed time to wait for a complete HTTP request
    timeout queue           15s # maximum time to wait in the queue for a connection slot to be free
    timeout server          30s # maximum inactivity time on the server side
    timeout server-fin      15s # inactivity timeout on the server side for half-closed connections
    timeout tarpit          15s # duration for which tarpitted connections will be maintained
    timeout tunnel          30m # maximum inactivity time on the client and server side for tunnels

Is this a generally bad idea? I don’t have the fastest server so I’m afraid lowering the connect/client times will cause connections to be dropped.

Can anyone recommend changes I can make here? Thanks!