H2 end-to-end and backend keep-alive

Hi All,

I noticed an H2 issue after upgrading from 2.0.20 to 2.2.10:
I use http-reuse Never (ie. reuses conn for the same session and not share accross sessions) for the backends and conn keepalive on the frontend. My H2 Apache backends are configured with keepalive On.

With 2.0.x, HAProxy reuses backend H2 TLS connections correctly when the client opens a new stream in the existing TLS session.
But with HAProxy 2.2, HAProxy seems to initiate a new TLS connection to the back-end and does not reuse correctly. It seems like HAProxy drops the idle back-end connections or opens a new connection for a new stream…

This breaks our HTTP/2 web services.
Shouldn’t HTTP/2 end-to-end reuse the backend TLS connnctions like in the v2.0?