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HA Proxy Stops responding after sometime


I have VMs of 2 HAproxy on CentOS 7.8 Servers configured in HA with Keepalived. All was working normal until some days ago HAproxy stopped forwarding requests to web servers

After doing a lot of studying but could not find anything but after restarting the HAproxy service brings it back to normal but after some days it goes back down and slowly intensity increases, at the moment it goes down after some hours.

We bypassed the Haproxy Servers for testing and Web Servers work just fine. No problem at all.

This is causing a lot of the problem and if any has the solution to this please let me know!

Following is already done:

New installation of servers
Re-wrote the configuration
Removed and installed back
Upgraded Version From (1.5 o 1.8)

Please let me know anyone has faced the same problem or if you have any solution.

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Had similar issue back in v.1.6.9, but after updating to +1.7 never seen it again. Now on v.1.8.19 also with keepalived.

So its going fine with you now?

Yes never seen issue again after v.1.6.9

Share the entire configuration as well as the output of haproxy -vv.

This often happens when timeouts are miss-configured (due to too long or infinite timeouts, sessions don’t timeout at all, and when maxconn is reached, no new sessions can be established).