HAProxy 1.7 server hot reconfiguration added?


Hi All,
On web site www.haproxy.org I see this

  • version 1.7 : added server hot reconfiguration, content processing agents, multi-type certs,

B​ut cannot find any info about something NEW regarding Hot Server Reconfiguration process.
In documentation, only old process of reload (/etc/init.d/haproxy reload​) mentioned.​

​What exactly added into v1.7​ for server hot reconfiguration?


Double post from the mailing list:

From the 1.7 announcement:

I believe its about those 2 new features:

  • init-addr : it is now possible to decide in which order the FQDN should be resolved on “server” lines, and even accept to start with no address, waiting for a run-time resolution.
  • server update on the CLI : the CLI makes it possible to change a server’s address, port, maxconn, check address and port so that it is not required anymore to reload haproxy just to update an address. In conjunction with init-addr, it even allows to pre-populate some server pools that are filled at run time.