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Haproxy 1.8.4 segfault at 8 ip 0000000000475cb2


Perfect, thanks for the info!


Hi, I have this same error with version 1.9.0


I suspect you’re simply facing another segfault which has nothing to do with this one, given that 1) the initial bug was fixed long ago, and 2) the 1.8 and 1.9 code are very different. Feel free to run gdb and “bt full”, that may help. We’ve fixed some issues in latest master already, and 1.9.1 will have many of them fixed.


Downgraded to 1.8.16 and the segmentation fault does not occur.

@lukastribus In fact it is a very similar crash, this is from my log:

haproxy[29004]: segfault at 0 ip 000000000045ac72 sp 00007ffdad538050 error 4 in haproxy[400000+181000]

In my case, it happens only with h2 activated in 1.9.0.

BTW, I am not looking for help troubleshooting… Just publish what I found. I already resolved with 1.8.16 and is working OK.


Like Willy explained, this is not the same crash. This thread is about a crash bug that has been fixed a long time ago. Just because you see “segfault” in the dmesg, does not mean it’s the same crash.

If you want to help troubleshooting this issue, please refer to the following thread:


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