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Haproxy asking passkey when starting up when using SSL Certificate pem in bind option


Is there any way to configure HAPROXY cfg file to take the keypass from the input or any configuration rather than asking while starting up the application ?

I have created the pem file with the passkey from openssl.


Manually starting will work. If you want this to work in systemd, you’d probably have to adjust the unit file. Take a look at the systemd configuration regarding the systemd-ask-password directive.

Haproxy as shipped with init.d and systemd unit files does not support this.


Ok.Thank you Lukas , I think that will give me an alternative to my problem.

About manually starting issue , we are currently providing the passkey manually. However My problem is when we are trying to start a list of peer of Haproxy instances automatic using scripts and the user input is a pause there.
So I was thinking if any alternative module which might help in this.