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HAProxy Documentation Pretty Printable PDF Files



some software is just too brilliant to not print out the docs, so I just generated pretty printable pdf files from the original txt docs, you can find them here:

Have a nice day!

BTW: A category “Documentation” is missing on this forum!


Hi DevOpsTiger -

This is cool! You should send it to the mailing list for greater visibility! haproxy@formilux.org




the result looks good, but the PDFs are now outdated, as every time someone provides a one-time snapshot. You should definitely share your generation scripts instead. We may even merge them into the project.

Also, please have a look at dconv which is used to emit the HTML version, maybe there is a way to generate nice looking PDFs out of the HTML version and with the links.


Not able to download them. Seems like the git server is not responding or something else is wrong… :frowning: