HAproxy in front of SAML authentication and tomcat

I’m very new to HAproxy !

I have this question regarding HAproxy and SAML. In my configuration I have a tomcatwebapplication that authenticate via SAML (ADFS) :

web.tomcat.com --------> auth.adfs.com

The authentication of the above setup is working fine. Now I have the challenge that I want to have a HAproxy in front, which will respond to several
different hostnames/alias :


The HAproxy respond fine to all alias’s, but the SAML configuration is only working if the called adress is web.tomcat.com - I know I can configure tomcat to use a proxy URL, but then it would work with that one only.
So the question is, can I configure the HAproxy, so it "wraps " the http call, so whatever is redirected to backend will be with the adress web.tomcat.com (so the SAML will work), and the user only see the alias adress in front ?

I hope that I made myself clear… :wink:

Thanks Henrik