Haproxy logging - fetch ALL request headers (names and values)

Hi all,

We’ve been using haproxy for a few years nog and have developped a custom log format that works mostly for us. The biggest frustration at the moment is that we can’t seem to get all request headers logged.

Often customers come to us trough corporate proxy servers, from weird clients etc. all of these steps (might) set custom headers. We’d like to get them all in our logs.

now we’ve got the following in our frontend:
http-request capture req.hdr(User-Agent) len 512
http-request capture req.hdr(X-Forwarded-For) len 512

and write the values to log like: useragent:%[capture.req.hdr(1)]\ body:%[capture.req.hdr(0)]\ xforwardfor:%[capture.req.hdr(2)]\

But as said I’d love to do something as:
http-request capture req.hdr_val(*) len 4192

and log %[capture.req.hdr_val*]

and receive . User-Agent:python-requests|Proxy-Server:bluecoat|X-Host:aap.localhost|origin-language:German

or whatever headers are there the pipe symbol was the example seperator. Any seperator would work for me.

Is logging of ALL request headers + their values possible?