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Haproxy not switching backends by using path_reg

Hello all,

I want to use different backends by using regex but it is not working as expected. My configuration like as shown below.

acl cons path_reg ^/(test)/([a-z-0-9]+/){0,1}$
use_backend consistent if cons

For example, this config should work like this:

https://domain.com/test --> should switch to consistent backend
https://domain.com/test/?a=1 --> should not switch to consistent backend but to default

how can i get it?


Provide more examples please, I can’t tell what you are trying to achieve.


I mean, if a url has query string then it should switch to default backend if does not it should switch to another backend that I defined as consistent. I want to achieve this situation by using path_reg.

You cannot achieve that with path, because the query string is not in path.


This extracts the request’s URL path, which starts at the first slash and
ends before the question mark (without the host part).

Use query instead, like acl cons -m found query.