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HAProxy performance on Cygwin


I want to know is HAProxy 1.7.10 is officially supported on Cygwin? Can HAProxy be used inside Cygwin on Windows production environment?
Is anyone in community using HAProxy with Cygwin on Production? How is the performance of HAProxy 1.7.10 on Cygwin?


Yitzhak Sapir did contribute the cygwin build option for haproxy back in 2009:

commit 32087312: add support for build under Cygwin

However that doesn’t mean we are gonna be able help if haproxy fails under cygwin and it doesn’t even mean that it still builds on cygwin. Performance will definitely be an issue under cygwin and I would highly recommend not using it for anything other than some tests.

On the other hand if it works for you and you have sufficient knowledge to support the solution yourself YMMV; but I’d strongly suggest not to use haproxy on cygwin for production traffic.