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HAProxy responses SYN,ACK before RST when "tcp-request connection reject" is triggered

Greetings all.

I’m using “tcp-request connection reject if site_dead” to reject all tcp connection requests when backend has no available server.

But I found that when a client wants to establish a connection to a server (reject event is triggered,so backend is all down) behind HAProxy (technically,it’s client sending SYN package to HAProxy),the client receives SYN,ACK first,then receives the RST after client send ACK.

So I wonder if there is anyway to make HAProxy reject the connection request as soon as it receives SYN? (instead of establish tcp connection first then send RST)

Here is what I captured by Wireshark

And part of my configuration as follows

backend magpie_backend_1
        mode tcp
        server magpie_server_1 X.X.X.X:39853 check

frontend magpie_frontend_1
        mode tcp
        acl site_dead nbsrv(magpie_backend_1) lt 1
        tcp-request connection reject if site_dead
        default_backend magpie_backend_1

No, because the socket is only passed from the kernel to the application (haproxy) after the 3-way handshake.