How to append new ip address to ACL whitelist file?

I was using the following url from the DataPlaneApi to add a new entry to my whitelist(ACL) file: http://localhost:5555/v2/services/haproxy/runtime/acl_file_entries

The problem is that this doesn’t actually saves it to the file. Because when I execute the post request, which I mentioned above, the file is still empty.
The weird thing is that the post request succeeds and when I run the same url but change the http type to “GET”, it shows that the new entry has been added.
But when I restart HAProxy to see if the entry has been succesfully saved to my whitelist file, it shows an empty whitelist file.

Can someone explain to me how I append new IP addresses to my whitelist file?
For example, which endpoint do I have to use?


Is there nobody that knows anything about this subject?

I must confess I don’t… However, you might want to try asking it here:

Someone might have more experience there and I can see other questions being answered successfully.

Oke thank you.
I will post my question there