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How to duplicate backend sessions


Hello community,
I tried the simple HAProxy configuration (below) and it works perfect for now. But I need something different for my setup. Is it possible to receive packets to frontend and route them to multiple backend sessions? I mean, a request arrive to frontend, and the same packets are routed to all configured backend servers. Thank you.

frontend server1
bind *:6000
bind *:6001
bind *:6002
bind *:6003
mode tcp
default_backend server1
timeout client 30m

backend server1
mode tcp
balance roundrobin
server srv01
server srv02
timeout connect 10s
timeout server 30m

EDIT: most probaby I was not clear on what I need to do, I added a schema to my first post, basically, I have 3 clusters, and I need to replicate the traffic between clusters and load balancing between each cluster node, kuje this: https://i.imgur.com/b2fS9pN.png


Haproxy can’t do this.

The only product I know that can currently do this, is nginx with the mirror module: