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How to put a link-local IPv6 address in server of a backend

I would like the server of my backend to point to a link-local IPv6 address (something like [fe80::020a:14ff:febe:36f8]). Like that I could reach a device on the local network, not having to care about it’s IPv4 configuration. However it doesn’t seem to work (I get a 503 service unavailable). With other IPv6 addresses for the same device (in my case [fd00:dead:beef:0:20a:14ff:febe:36f8]), all is fine, so it’s not a problem of IPv6 in general. I found a bug of wget here. It says there, that for link-local IPv6 addresses, the interface has to be specified and wget doesnt support that. Could this be the problem in HAProxy as well or can i do that somehow? Adding %eth0 sadly didn’t do the job.
Thanks a lot for any input

It’s a terrible idea to use link-local IPv6 addresses for services. Please always use ULA’s in IPv6 for those use-cases.

Ok. Could you tell me what the reasons are?
We have ULAs working but here is why we thought link-local addresses would be cool:
We have HAProxy running on our embedded controller for home automation. We send some DALI (thats a light control protocol) gateways to the client and we dont know what kind of network setup he has. However we can connect to our controller remotely. With link-local addresses we could always reach the web-interface of that gateways (if they are in the same network) by just knowing the mac addresses: we binding a frontend to some port of our controller and set the backend server to the link-local address of the gateway. This I can even prepare upfront and my colleagues who dont know how to configure HAProxy have access right away.
ULAs work as well but its more complicated since i have to scan for ULAs on the network and find the one the gateway got by checking which mac address has which ULA first. Then i can set the server of my backend.
Or do you have a better solution for that scenario?
Thanks a lot

Well I was thinking about the normal use-case of a web server and haproxy load-balancing in front of it. In that case, you will always want a static setup, in IPv6 with ULA (or even global unicast), simply because you are setting it all up statically anyway.

Your use-case is exactly the opposite, so I can see how that makes sense for you.

I just checked both haproxy and nginx, they don’t support using link-local IPv6 addresses, because it requires additional magic around parsing the IPv6 address in the first place, finding the integer for this string ( if_nametoindex()) and finally setting the scope_id.

(more about link local socket impacts https://labs.ripe.net/Members/philip_homburg/whats-the-deal-with-ipv6-link-local-addresses )

Those are not bugs, those are simply additional features that are not implemented in most applications, because link-local addresses have a very limited use-case.