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How to reload haproxy frequently without Failed requests?

Hi, We have configured haproxy rules basis on rate value map. We need to change the map files frequently and after any modification in map file, daemon and haproxy has to be reload which may lead to connection requests. Please point me out towards the way of seamless reload of the service.
Query : We are also running other services like prometheus and alertmanager which also has to be reload after any changes in config file. We are reloading these services using curl -X http://server-IP:port-no/reload or curl -X http://server-ip:portno./api/v1/alerts . Does HAproxy reload supports any of this kind.

Thanks in Advance

You can enable the runtime api in haproxy and update your maps without reloading at all.
Check " Editing with the Runtime API" of this page: https://www.haproxy.com/fr/blog/introduction-to-haproxy-maps/

Thanks for help but in our case, we would be adding many lb rules with low RPS, so we need to reload the haproxy service after adding new acl, backend. As the runtime api will only make changes in memory. Could you please suggest another possible way to edit map files without have to reload the haproxy service. Thank in advance.