HTTP/2 not compatible with filrefox on haproxy 1.8.3?


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Fair enough, but that is not my experience, i was specifically testing with IE10(no H2 support) and all other browsers and versions on virtual boxes b/c i work with US governments and have to be sure their antiquated systems work with our stack. . Are you sure Tengine is not acting inappropriately? Also seeing both the relevant portions of the haproxy config and nginx config would go a long way. I’m not on discourse right now, but don’t think both have been posted. I did extensive testing and switched in haproxy 1.7 and have never witnessed this. I don’t doubt your issue, but the configs along with nginx version (tangine version) would likely be helpful. When i was terminating SSL at nginx there was no issue as it downgrades, but putting HAProxy in front of that changes the behaviour.

Hopefully we can help, as this problem is obviously a burden.



Sure, if the browser does not support h2 at all (i.e. IE on XP or Win7), then both haproxy and Tengine will degrade to http/1.1 appropriately.

The problem with us is that HAProxy does not work for some older browsers that support alpn and http2, such as chrome 49 (neither talking with h2 nor downgrade to http / 1.1).

These sub-sites are provided by one of our partners, I will try, but not sure if I can get the detail configurations.

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Is there any new progress? Thanks :grin: