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HTTP CONNECT method handling


Is there a way of handling the HTTP CONNECT method for a http backend that needs to connect to an SSL server?

I’m trying to get HAProxy to act as a forward proxy and load balancer. This is because it’s already balancing internet traffic on each box as a sidecar through multiple squid servers. This all works fine.

But, we have some internal services that I’d like to balance with this same sidecar. Host matching is fine with the HTTP CONNECT method, but I can’t figure out how to try and support this within HAProxy when the end servers do not support the CONNECT method (They are nginx reverse proxies).

After this stage we’ll probably replace nginx with haproxy configuration too so all proxying on the box is through a single proxy engine.

I’ve tried quite a lot of the usual suspects. I was hoping that option http-tunnel might be of help along with munging the connect method to OPTIONS method, but the trouble is of course this results in a corrupted HTTP exchange.

Any hints? Or absolute “not possibles…”

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